In addition to the general medical specialty of otolaryngology, our physicians and physician assistant focus on a variety of subspecialties. With multiple years of experience, our team is trained and able to provide their patients with the highest level of expertise and knowledge. This allows them to diagnose and treat a wide range of ear problems and diseases. A full comprehensive evaluation is performed on each patient, which may require specific tests, such as a hearing test, MRI, CT scan, or blood work, in order to determine a diagnosis.

Dr. Mark Levenson specializes in otology and neurotology. Otology concentrates on diseases of the ear, while neurotology treats neurological disorders of the ear. Dr. Levenson specializes in treating symptoms including hearing loss, deafness, dizziness, cholesteatomas, chronic ear infections, and acoustic neuromas using the latest treatments. He sees patients with more complicated cases, such as patients needing complex ear surgeries to eradicate ear disease and improve function.

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